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Balboa Fun Zone & Tustin Legacy 4/14

John Hummer | Published on 4/14/2024

Balboa Fun Zone & Tustin Legacy 4/14

Balboa Fun Zone 4/14 Sunday morning, Jilled up and headed down to Balboa Fun Zone hoping to see Phil Caliva in one of his Healeys, Chuck Lakowski in one of his Jensen Healeys and hoping for Dex to be there as well. We were also hoping for Nancy Asahina and Steve Schryver in the green 72MGB.


We pulled in to park and the Green MGB was parked all by her lonesome, so we pulled in next to her. Nice color combination Primrose (yellow) and green. Then we walked to the donut shop for a quick breakfast. It looked like no one else was coming so a quick picture and we were on our way to Tustin Legacy.


Tustin Legacy 4/14 Steve led in the MGB from the Balboa Fun Zone off the peninsula up Newport Blvd and onto the 55 North to Dyer Rd and then to Tustin Legacy. The attendance was a little light and lets face it, we weren’t exactly the Jirst ones there so folks were dispersing and getting on with their Sundays.


As usual, there were some nice cars and great conversation and yes, even friends. We were the only Healey, Nancy rode with Steve in the MGB.