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Dear Fellow Austin-Healey Enthusiast,


Thanks for your interest in the Austin-Healey Association of Southern California. We've been here in Southern California since 1974, continuously publishing our club newsletter, The Healey Motor News, and serving our membership in their "dedication to the preservation and enjoyment of a fine motor car." Our club received permission directly from Donald Healey to use his name in our club's title and we incorporated under that name shortly after our founding. As owners of the marque Austin-Healey, the Association has grown over the years to over 200 active members. Our members are people of all ages and varied occupations, with many being very knowledgeable regarding their Healeys, and some just learning. But all share the one common bond, their appreciation of the Austin-Healey. Our club is an affiliate of the Austin-Healey Club of America, which provides us with resources and services at the national and international levels.


Elected Officers and a Board of Directors govern the Association. Our club provides the necessary events that allow you to enjoy driving your Austin-Healey on those fine weekend days here in the Southland.  We support monthly social events including drives, tours, car shows, and an annual California Healey Week, our out-of-town Healey gathering. Of much interest to many of our club members are our ''tech sessions”.  These learning sessions can be either in the format of "you teach me" or "I'll teach you." 


Our monthly e-mailed newsletter contains a schedule of upcoming events, technical articles, event coverage and enthusiast advertising. Check out our web site: for the most up-to-date information on scheduled club activities, photo galleries, technical information and more. It's by participation in our various events that one can gain invaluable information from other club members.  If your Austin-Healey is not presently running or in desperate need of repair, don't let these apparent obstacles keep you from joining. It is often that people in this situation, as well as those contemplating purchase of an Austin-Healey, who profit most from the knowledge and resourcefulness of our club members and our local vendors.


A note on auto insurance is in order. Many antique insurance policy underwriters review a prospective application looking for the owner's affiliation with a marque club in making their decision whether to accept the risk. These policies can provide a significant savings over regular auto insurance.


We make no requirement that you own an Austin-Healey. We accept anyone for membership who is interested in the cars made or inspired by Donald Healey. We encourage our members who for one reason or another can't drive their Austin-Healey to an event to bring their other car. It is, after all, the members that make this club. We all associate together because of our "dedication to the preservation and enjoyment of a fine motorcar."


Won't you join us? Your membership application form is on the other side.


Mike Scroggie - Membership Chairman                                                                                                   Rev. Nov. 2018

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